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As part of our focus on providing a comprehensive service for the family, we offer the following facilities:


We provide a full prescription dispensary on site, which will supply any of your acute or chronic medications. Ushaan is our pharmacy
assistant and will assist you with any queries regarding medication.
Contact him at meds@herbstpartners.co.za

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  Procedure Room:

A well-equipped procedure room is available for minor procedures under local anaesthetic, e.g. Suturing of lacerations, excision
of lesions, application of casts, etc. Hettie is our nursing assistant and will help wherever necessary.

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  ECG Room:

Here we are able to do routine testing as well as perform the required tests for insurance medical examinations, with PC-based ECG equipment, 24H Amulatory Blood Pressure Monoring and Lung Function testing.

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  After hours:

We provide an after-hours service for patients of the practice. Calls are shared with Oudehuis and New Street Surgeries and a
general practitioner will be available at specified times to assist you in deciding on the most efficient manner in which to resolve
your medical emergency. Please contact us at 073 187 3545.




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